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James Bond


Otter Effects have also been involved in special effects for television commercials. Around 1200 at the time of writing.

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'Marshal Cavendish' Full size foetus cast in silicone rubber.
'Kellogs Cornflakes' Cable controlled fully articulated robot.
'Woodpecker Cider'
20 ft long motorised hedgehog, rolling eyes and moving mouth and nose.
5 ft scale model spaceship.


Oversized mechanised model handgun.
'Hamlet Cigars'
Full size blunderbuss and pyrotechnics.
'Lunn Poly'
Sculpted fibreglass cherubs with head, mouth and eye movements.
'Lunn Poly'
Fully articulated cable controlled penguin.


'Leeds Building Society'
Giant sculpted fibreglass gnomes and set dressing.
Full size Astra chassis and set dressing.
5'6" diameter mirrorball and atmospheric effects.


'British Gas'
Hydraulic see-saw.
15ft spaceship, spacesuit, lighting, wind and atmosphere.
Illuminated Chameleon.


Full-size mechanical parrot.
'Golden Wonder'
Rubber snakes.
Child sized diving helmet.
'Timex Watches'
Model swimming piranhas.

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