Replica Enigma Machine for Hire

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I have a replica Enigma machine available to hire which was used in the film.

This particular Enigma machine prop has been used in many films already, and is ideal both for background dressing, and also close-up shots as it is an incredibly detailed item. See photos below.

If you wish to hire this Enigma machine then please contact me for more details and prices etc. It can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Replica Enigma machine
Enigma film props
Replica Enigma machine
Replica Enigma machine
Replica Enigma machine
Replica Type X machine

An identical replica Enigma machine was made for the film with letters that light up. The box is made from oak panels, and the machine is from perspex and vacuum formed pieces.

Several Type X machines (pictured bottom right) were also produced for the film.


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